Two mums living on the opposite sides of the world, making clothes we like our own kids to wear, while being gentle to our planet

We are two high school friends and mums of four kids under five in between us, who inspire us to make cool and comfy baby and kids clothes.

We aim to create products which will not only be gentle on kids sensitive skins and better for our planet, but which will also last and still look good after the rounds and rounds of washing.

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing is in the centre of everything we do. As mothers, we believe in the motto ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. We love fashion but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or the Earth. We are happy if our piece of handmade clothing from organic and ethical materials replaces a purchase from those big brands who don’t care about much else but profits. We hope other mums will vote with their money for the world they want for their kids. Not to mention the quality and fabric choices of our clothes guarantee that they will be worn over and over again, and then hopefully passed onto another sibling or friend.

You won’t see seasonal collections from us, and all our clothes are made in small numbers to prevent anything going to waste.

We are passionate about sourcing the best organic fabrics from different Czech and European suppliers, and buying local whenever we can (our snaps and all clothes tags are Czech made, our wooden buttons come from Germany and are also GOTS certified organic). We don’t like plastic packaging – most of our parcels will not be packed in plastic unless we are re-using one, and we are working on our own fully compostable mailers. We also like to collaborate with other women – mostly other mums- with amazing creative skills. Our next project is collaboration with a local sheltered workshop employing handicapped women, or women who are carers and need flexible working conditions.

All this to bring you human- and planet friendly clothes for your little ones- made for kids, not by kids!

Please contact us with any questions or feedback-we would love to hear from you!